Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Purveyors of delicious hand-crafted ales

 Boutique Craft Brewery in Edmonds Washington.  10 bbl small batch brewery creating great NW style ales!


Keep it clean, get back to basics, listen to our customers, provide a positive experience and make good beer!


These seem like a pretty basic philosophy, but it is our reality.


This takes a great deal of strategy in a retail space.  We try our best to be considerate of our neighbors and fellow businesses.  Brewing is a long, labor intensive, and aromatic process.  From blocking the doors and keeping fans running (to blow out the smells of soaking grain), to accommodating for the burner, making sure all conditions are clean and ready, appropriately disposing of spent product (grains loaded into bins and redirected to local farmers), carefully measuring each step of the process, and cleaning up afterwards, it easily makes for a 12 - 14 hour day.  Please feel free to take a peak, but understand that the elves are working and need to stay on task.

Keeping the beer simple, listening to our customers, and making good beer all combine into a big category. We listen to our customers!  We want your feedback! We really do! Tell us what you like, tell us what you don't like... Dang!  We hope you like what we make.  If you have input or a suggestion, let us know and why you feel that way.  We will do our best to cater to you.

Brewing is an evolving process.  We learn from each batch and fine tune the recipe based on the response and feedback of our customers. 

let's make something we like to drink and that we can sell. 

Our goal is to use fresh, natural ingredients to provide you with a refreshing and fun experience.  Our beer comes from 4 simple ingredients: water, grain, hops, and yeast (the occasional stout has the 5th ingredient of oatmeal).  We do not use artificial clarifying ingredients.  Our beer is pressurized and carbonated with food grade CO2.

Providing a positive experience is what we are all about.  We want you to leave here bragging to your friends about our place!  Beer is social, beer is fun, and beer is certainly a thing that should be shared.  Don't be surprised if we combine tables and introduce you to new friends.  Our tasting room has limited seating and we will combine tables as needed to accommodate our guests. We have a variety of games and fantastic regulars that are welcoming and embrace the social aspect that we have here.

Make good beer!  Heck yes, we need to make great beer! That is why you are here and what keeps you coming back for more!  Tip back a cold one and relax!  Isn't that what it is all about?! It's our job to make you feel at ease and provide you with a tasty product!

Our staff is always personable, welcoming, and wants to keep you coming back.  Please feel free to provide any feedback.  I will try my best to respond to you ASAP if you have any compliments, ideas, questions, requests, concerns, or issues.  Compliments are always appreciated.