Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Purveyors of delicious hand-crafted ales

 Boutique Craft Brewery in Edmonds Washington.  10 bbl small batch brewery creating great NW style ales!


Owner Operators:  Jeff and Erika. 

Jeff and Erika opened up the Brewery in November 2013 with aspirations to develop a community gathering place and public house.  Original Beer recipes came from Jeff's experience Home Brewing and working with Skip Madsen at the American Brewing Co. in Edmonds, WA, where Skip mentored Jeff on the ways of operating a large scale production brewery and recipe development.  Jeff is our and has always been our Head Brewer.

The Brewery started as a 10 BBL Brewery with 3 Fermentation Vessels and a single Brite Tank occupying about 600 square feet of Downtown Retail Space as the storefront with another 500 square feet of storage and production space in the back. 

In May of 2015 we were able to take over the neighboring suite (another 600sqft), cut through the wall, and more than double our seating capacity. 

With the additional space came another Fermentation Vessel and another Brite Tank enabling us to double our brewing capacity.

March of 2016 brought on another big change... ...The addition of food service at the brewery. 

We are now serving a full menu of food at the brewery. 


Brew House Staff: Jeff. makes beer, delivesr beer, cleans stuff up

Kitchen Staff:  Kurtis, Parker, Ian, Brad and Layton. They cook food.  They join us with local experience in Edmonds and throughout the area.

Bar Manager: Charlie

Bar Staff: Heather, Pete,  Cheryl, Charlie, Drew , Haley and Courtney.  They take the orders greet our guests. pour the beer, help with the kitchen, sweep floors, wash windows, swab the decks, and wear a variety of hats as needed.  This is an eclectic group: from a Banker, a Rock Star, a Swim Coach, Program Coordinators, and Computer Geeks, the front end staff makes up quite a team.  They all work hard to provide and enjoyable experience for all of our guests.