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We broke ground a little over a week ago.  "Breaking ground" is really the best way to describe it, busting out concrete and digging out tranches for floor drains and installing plumbing features in prep for new concrete coming next week. 

The city plumbing inspection is tomorrow and should go pretty smoothly. 

We brought in the new electrical service and gas piping to the pace and have most of the lines in place. 

The next phases are on their way, literally and figuratively... the glycol unit is being shipped from SC, fermenters and tanks finishing up in Portland, walk-in cooler panels being assembled, etc...

Once the floor is poured and leveled out, the cabinets for the serving are will plug into place.  The taps will be drilled through the walk in for the service area, and beer will be able to flow.

Progress feels both good and intimidating. 

Permits and Build out

We have our SnoCo Health Department approval and are getting the final ok for build out from the City of Edmonds.  Construction should begin next week.  We've been meeting with contractors daily, gearing up for signage, patiently waiting, and finalizing design ideas. 

Still Progressing

Sorry to be so late on posting, we update our facebook page more frequently.

Things are coming together, plans are drawn and submitted, equipment is being purchased and delivered, and permits are all in the works. 

We got the official "conditional Approval" from the State, now just awaiting the Federal and local permits. 

Permits, TTB, and WA State Liquor Control....

We have drawings and permits submitted for our build out.

Liquor license application from the State is posted at the site.

The TTB (federal government) is processing our Microbrewery paperwork.

We are in a sit and wait pattern for review, revision, and processing.

Recipes are being fine tuned, relationships cultivated, and design aspects finalized.  Stay tuned for more, but be patient, all good things take time. 

Thanks for following along with our progress. 

Jeff and Erika

Busy, Busy....

We have been busy, very busy, over the last few weeks...

We signed our lease, filing all the necessary paperwork and permits with the feds and state and are ordering equipment.

Our pilot system has been running almost non stop as we fine tune our recipes and get our starting line up dialed in. 

Thanks for following us on our journey. 

Jeff and Erika


I've got my strike water ready for a big batch of IPA.  My friend and brewing mentor Skip Madsen and I put this one together.  It is a bit like his Breakaway and Boundary Bay IPA's, but with our own twist on things.  Mashing in now and hope to have this one wrapped up by early afternoon.

P & D

More Planning and development today.  We met with the architect/designer today (fortunately she not only likes beer, but worked at a brewery in college) and things are moving ahead.  The lease is coming to terms and the developer is willing to work with us on some of the build out costs and time frames. 

Founder's Club , schwag, and other promos to hit the "airwaves" soon.  We have some ideas, but are always open to your thoughts.   Our initial offering will be a Founder's Club: entitling said "Founder's" to special tastings, test runs, casks, "Founder's Only!" nights, discounts and privileges.  Founders will be noted on a stylized "Founders Plaque" located on the wall of the brewery, and limited in #.  We are working on a special T-Shirt, hat, and mug designs for "Founding Members" only.

Golden Ale & Porter

The Golden Ale and Porter came out great! both full of flavor and hit the mark. 

The Golden is light, yet full flavored, hitting the palate from front to back with a crisp light taste fulfilling our goal with the beer.  Finished with crisp and clean Cascade Hops, it is a refreshing light ale at 5% Alcohol.  Clean, full in flavor (without being heavy), then crisp and sweet, a true spring ale.  A session style that pairs nicely with a fresh fish Taco.

The Porter... Ahhhhh... The Porter... My wife loves it.  What can I say but, one more please... Our buddy Zac helped out a great deal with this one.  Full in flavor, but light on the belly.  It won't sit heavy on your gut and will leave you craving another.  From front to back, then back up the top it was smooooooth.  The porter starts clean, finishes light with NW Cascade Hops on a malty, chocolaty/coffee middle... A great beer to enjoy while sitting on the couch, with you feet up, watching the fire.

We are working on a double IPA, Session style IPA, Amber, Red, Imperial Red, Rye, Rye IPA, ESB's, Kolsch, and others.... I'll keep you posted.