Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Purveyors of delicious hand-crafted ales

 Boutique Craft Brewery in Edmonds Washington.  10 bbl small batch brewery creating great NW style ales!


P & D

More Planning and development today.  We met with the architect/designer today (fortunately she not only likes beer, but worked at a brewery in college) and things are moving ahead.  The lease is coming to terms and the developer is willing to work with us on some of the build out costs and time frames. 

Founder's Club , schwag, and other promos to hit the "airwaves" soon.  We have some ideas, but are always open to your thoughts.   Our initial offering will be a Founder's Club: entitling said "Founder's" to special tastings, test runs, casks, "Founder's Only!" nights, discounts and privileges.  Founders will be noted on a stylized "Founders Plaque" located on the wall of the brewery, and limited in #.  We are working on a special T-Shirt, hat, and mug designs for "Founding Members" only.