Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Purveyors of delicious hand-crafted ales

 Boutique Craft Brewery in Edmonds Washington.  10 bbl small batch brewery creating great NW style ales!


Holy Cow!

This is the message I forgot to hit "post" on a few weeks ago:

 "we put the walk in cooler and a bunch of shelving up in the lower storage area of the brewery this weekend.  The space  is coming together. I am headed to Portland to see the equipment this Thursday.  I upload most of the info from my phone camera to our facebook page.  sorry to you non facebook users... I will try to upload the history here soon."

Since then things have been crazy busy!  We got 2 out of 3 of our fermenters, our bright tank, kettle, and mash tun.  Our glycol lines are all hooked up and things are starting to work. 

Next week will assemble the parts and pieces and get the burner set up for the final inspections before we can open. 

We are delayed a bit on set up waiting on a few backordered fittings that our supplier failed to order when we placed (and paid) for our stuff over 6 months ago.  - I'm a little bent about that! 

Otherwise things are moving forward... bills are piling in.  I need to sell some beer!