Salish Sea Brewing Co.

Purveyors of delicious hand-crafted ales

 Boutique Craft Brewery in Edmonds Washington.  10 bbl small batch brewery creating great NW style ales!


Mission Statement :

Salish Sea Brewing Co. is focused on providing the best the region has to offer in fine hand-crafted ales and lagers.


Salish Sea Brewing Co. is a 10 bbl (310 gallon per batch) establishment.  We hope to brew twice a week, offering a variety of ales and the occasional lager and pilsner. 

We are family oriented and hope for the brewery to be family approachable.   Families are welcome, but this is a brewery with a tasting room, not a playground (we do not cater to children).  Please respect our space and the space of others.  Minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

We like Dogs and pets, but ask for dogs and other pets to remain outside of the brewery and restaurant.  We have a lovely patio area.

Documented Service Animals are welcome.

Our roots are solid, our goals are lofty, but our dreams, aspirations, and hopes are high.  We want to create a place to showpiece our beers, invite your friends and families, and for you all to have a great time.

The Salish Sea Brewing Company is the real deal!

We have 4 10bbl fermenters in place, 2 10bbl bright tanks, kettle, and mash up and running!  Please join us for a beer soon.  Check out our beer list to see what is on tap.


The Salish Sea (/ˈseɪlɪʃ/ SAY-lish) is the intricate network of coastal waterways located between the south-western tip of the Canadian province of British Columbia, and the north-western tip the U.S. state of Washington. Its major bodies of water are the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Puget Sound. It reaches from Desolation Sound at the north end of the Strait of Georgia to Oakland Bay at the head of Hammersley Inlet at the south end of Puget Sound. The inland waterways of the Salish Sea are partially separated from the open Pacific Ocean (a pelagic zone) by Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, and are thus partially shielded from Pacific Ocean storms. Major port cities on the Salish Sea include Seattle, Vancouver, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Victoria.